Fan Appeals To Ajay Devgn Not To Promote Tobacco Products After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

loading… Some Bollywood celebrities play an important role in endorsing products as they have a huge fan following and people like to copy them too. However, there are certain products, such as liquor, tobacco, cigarette, etc. which are harmful for health but still they are promoted by few celebrities just for the sake of a […]

30 Year Old Man In Mumbai Burns Kitten Alive For ‘FUN’

loading… Lately, there has been a lot of news how easily people decide to the four-pawed animals just because they’re not fond of them or they think that cats or dogs are the burdens for the society cause they litter around.In Mumbai, a 30-year-old man burned three kittens alive. Siddesh Patel’s pathetic deed was caught […]

Snake Bit 70-Yr Old Man In Gujarat. You Can’t Imagine What The Angry Man Did To Take Revenge

loading… We have heard many cases in which humans have been bitten by snakes but very rarely, we get to hear that a human has bitten a snake. Representational Image In one of the rarest incidents, a 70 years old man from Ajanwa village, Mahisagar district, Gujarat, was bitten by a snake while he was […]

Dr Manmohan Singh Slammed BJP For Using Surgical Strikes As An Agenda For Election Votes

loading… Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in an Interview gave a befitting reply on to the BJP Government for using the surgical strike as an agenda to gain votes in the election.Former Prime Minister said Indian armed forces always had the right to respond to external threats during the term of the Congress-led United […]

Fraudster Posed As CRPF Officer & Duped Pulwama Martyr’s Parents Of Rs 1.5 Lakh. RIP Humanity

loading… Joining army or any other security force is a big decision for a candidate as anything can happen in the line of duty, especially in a country like India which is facing many challenges including anti-social elements. People should respect the parents of soldiers as they have also shown courage by letting their children […]

Delhi Couple Indulged In Extreme PDA On Bike In The Busy Road, Video Went Viral

loading… Many people violate traffic rules on the Indian roads but a couple in Delhi has crossed all the limits of decency as well while breaking the law. A video is going viral on the Internet and social media featuring a couple on the bike. The guy is driving the vehicle while the girl is […]